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Otitis Media - Gardner Yost Microbiology October 8 2008...

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Gardner Yost Microbiology October 8, 2008 Otitis Media 1. Ottis media is the inflammation of the middle ear in the Eustatian tube. It can cause pain, is common in early childhood and is associated with the common cold and other upper respiratory infections. Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenza are two of the common causes. Eventual causes are pain, infection of the brain, and hearing loss. Other symptoms might include irritability, difficulty sleeping, tugging at the ears, fever, fluid draining from the ear, loss balance and unresponsiveness to quiet sounds. 2. The cultures will tell us, first of all, if the individual patients have multiple or a single type of bacterium infecting them based on pure cultures. We will be able to determine if the infection is caused by one or more bacteria. Also we will be able to characterize the colonies based on color, height, edge, size, shape, and texture. However it is impossible to identify the organism correctly based only on the appearance of a streak plate. By using selective and differential media we can isolate certain microorganisms based on their metabolic tendencies and their antibiotic resistance.
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