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Math 115 Fall 2007 Quiz #5 Sections 3.1-3.6 Name _______________________________________ RUID# _______________________ Recitation Section: _14 | 15 | 16___________ All work must be shown in the problems below in order to receive full credit. Credit may not be given for unsupported work. No calculators may be used. #1 (7 pts) Sketch the following graph. Clearly label the x and y intercepts, and vertex. Make sure the graph shows the proper “end behavior.”, i.e. the graph should go to an asymptote or to + or – infinity as x gets infinitely large or small. 4 4 3 ) ( 2 - - = x x x f #2 (8 points) Consider the function
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Unformatted text preview: 12 7 6 ) ( 2 2 + +--= x x x x x f , and answer the following questions: a) Find the vertical asymptotes, if any. b) Find the x & y intercepts. b) As the value of x gets infinitely large or infinitely small (negative), what value of f(x) will the graph approach? *** EXTRA CREDIT *** (+2 points, all-or-nothing) Give an example of a rational function that has a horizontal asymptote at x = - 2, and no vertical asymptote. There are many possible answers. HINT: Think about how you find the vertical asymptotes in such a function....
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