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Joel Avery [email protected] D-HW-1 1/21/07 14727 /F 12 Tenny Mickey Case Incident 1 1. The stereotype of a used-car dealer is that every salesman will just try to rip you off. This idea I’m sure didn’t just come from nowhere. People go to used car dealers and get lied to and formulate this opinion. It probably is not an uncommon event to go to a used-car lot, purchase a car based on the information given to you and have it break down the next week. It’s also a common stereotype for the used cars to be stolen cars and then sold. People experience these occurrences, tell others about it, and from this a stereotype of used-car dealers develop. 2. Joe is probably going to have a tough time convincing others that his used-car dealership isn’t like the rest of them. However, he might be able to overcome this stereotype by changing the image of his used-car lot. Used-car salesmen are known to be liars and even thieves, so why not be up front with the customers from the start and be honest.
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