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1. The topic is to be chosen from "discussion" or "detailed reading" or any similar highlighted special topic section at the end of each chapter. 2. Once the topic is chosen the student is required to do a so called research about it from reputable resources, academic papers, books, maybe scientific magazines. However, wikipedia or any other web dictionary or encyclopedia does not count towards a reference. 3. The student is required to have at least 5 of those references.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. The submitted final document should be no less than 10 pages in length. 5. There are no extensions or late submissions. 6. The student will also present his/her work in the class, so he/she must be prepared for that. An powerpoint presentation may be a good idea as it gives to chance to get help from the blackboard, however this is not a requirement. That is, the format of the presentation is not restricted....
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