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Discussion HW#2

Discussion HW#2 - Joel Avery 9509759117 February 7 2007...

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Joel Avery 9509759117 February 7, 2007 Case Incident 2 THE BUSINESS OF BLOGS 1. Market research and advertising are probably the most influential communication aspects of blogs. There has never been an easier way of getting your company’s name out there. More importantly, there’s never been an easier way of getting free, direct feedback from the consumer. There are millions of people on the Internet talking about products that haven’t even been released yet. Take the company Apple, for example. They plan on releasing the new iPhone this summer in June. Blogs allow Apple to see what people think about it, based on their concept design on apple.com. Through blogs, Apple is able to collect data on the consumer, advertise their new product, and create the perfect phone for the buyer based on their own opinions. Through this, Apple is very likely to make one of the best selling phones since the Razer. Not only will they be able to make
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