Discussion HW#3

Discussion HW#3 - Joel Avery [email protected] D-HW-3 14727/F...

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Joel Avery [email protected] D-HW-3 3/23/07 14727 /F 12 Tenny Mickey Questions for Critical Thinking, #3 Many people are involved in dysfunctional conflicts all of the time, especially in the workplace. Personally I try and avoid this type of conflict, however sometimes they are inevitable. For the most part, dysfunctional conflicts seem to involve personal issues where a person and their opposition are so discontent that it possibly leads to the destruction of the group. One example of this that I have experienced is when I got a job working in a professional summer basketball league a year ago. The first few weeks working this went just fine, however a change was made about a month into the job. A person from another department who was not friendly with me at all was moved to my department. This didn’t make either of us happy, and we both knew it. Because of past differences, there was no way we were about to get along. This was also a very team oriented job. I had no trust or care for any of his input, as he didn’t care for mine either. Because of this, we got absolutely nothing done. This job required different opinions and ideas on different things, but I ended up doing it myself because I was not able to work with him. Because of this, the quality of the work done was not as high as it could have
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Discussion HW#3 - Joel Avery [email protected] D-HW-3 14727/F...

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