Discussion HW#4

Discussion HW#4 - Joel Avery [email protected] D-HW-4 3/30/07...

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Joel Avery [email protected] D-HW-4 3/30/07 14727 /F 12 Tenny Mickey Questions for Critical Thinking, #3 As an employee in a matrix structured organization, I would feel really comfortable with the two boss dual chain-of-command. With two bosses there is always someone to rely on when I would have questions on anything work-related. Having two people to go to is much better than one. Also, being in a matrix structure can help me get the information I need quicker and more efficiently. In a matrix it is much easier to communicate. In a bureaucracy it would be much harder to communicate across the workplace. Also, working in a matrix structure will always give me something to do. Being a specialist, I would always be able to efficiently allocate my time efficiently using the resources at hand for what the company needs. A few minuses might include the power struggles that would go on within the workplace daily. Sometimes I never know who to report two, as it seems as if there is no clear cut boss. Then my bosses are always
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Discussion HW#4 - Joel Avery [email protected] D-HW-4 3/30/07...

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