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Discussion HW#5 - Joel Avery [email protected] D-HW-5 14727/F...

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Joel Avery [email protected] D-HW-5 4/13/07 14727 /F 12 Tenny Mickey Questions for Critical Thinking 2. So many large companies need to use the interview process because you can determine the employee’s personality. Through this, you can determine the level of applicant-organization fit. Companies are looked at applicant’s values and personality traits to fit the individual with the organization’s culture and image. If you have a good applicant-organization fit, then the employee will be happy working there. If the employee is happy working there, then they will stay a very long time. Employees are so hard to replace due to cost issues. The selection process alone can be costly. That is why the person chosen should be carefully looked at to make sure they will be enthusiastic in the workplace while enjoying what they are doing so that they continue to work in the long run. 4. There isn’t only one way to do everything successfully. There are different practices of handling human resources and both ways motivate workers to
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Discussion HW#5 - Joel Avery [email protected] D-HW-5 14727/F...

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