Lecture 1-23-07

Lecture 1-23-07 - intellectualism 2 Emotional Stability –...

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OB Lecture 1/23/07 Organizational Success Strategy Finance Accounting Marketing Operations Communications Organizational Behavior Organizational Behavior About 60 years old Contributing Disciplines o Psychology o Social Psychology o Sociology o Anthropology What we study Individuals Groups Organizational Structures PLUS: Interactions between these levels What outcomes these impact Productivity Absenteeism Turnover Deviant Workplace Behavior Organizational Citizen Behavior Job Satisfaction Individual Level: Major Objectives Understand Yourself o What are your strengths o Areas for Development? Understand Others Individuals Differ – These variables affect how we behave and interact with others Biographical Characteristics Personality Values Decision-making
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Motivation Emotions What is my basic personality? -The Big Five Model of Personality 1. Openness to Experience – Imaginativeness, artistic, sensitivity, and
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Unformatted text preview: intellectualism. 2. Emotional Stability – Calm, self-confident, secure (positive) versus nervous, depressed, and insecure (negative). 3. Conscientiousness – Responsible, dependable, persistent, and organized. 4. Agreeableness – Good-natured, cooperative, and trusting. 5. Extroversion – Sociable, gregarious, and assertive. What occupations/jobs would best fit each of these personality dimensions? • Openness to Experience • Emotional Stability • Conscientiousness • Agreeableness • Extroversion Decision-Making Style • How you handle problems o How you gather information o How you make choices Strengths, Weaknesses & Careers • Given your style, what are your strengths & weaknesses in making decisions? • In what careers might an intuitive style do well? • Rational?...
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Lecture 1-23-07 - intellectualism 2 Emotional Stability –...

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