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Joel Avery 9509759117 January 28, 2007 Ethical Dilemma Hiring Based On Genetic Data Overall the use genetic testing with the intent of screening for existing or potential diseases is unethical. However, the topic is very subjective based on the specific job and how crucial job performance is. Some jobs relate to public safety and require a high level of health and performance, such as a commercial airlines pilot. A doctor, for instance, should have to disclose the information regardless of how the information is obtained or given. For certain jobs, invading a person’s privacy is necessary. It is more ethical to care for the lives of the public rather than the job opportunities of an employee. However, there are also many instances where it is unethical and impermissible to use genetic testing to screen for diseases. A Costco employee, for example, should not be punished for having a history of breast cancer in his/her family. While the cost of replacing employees due to health reasons may be extremely high, it is wrong to make
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