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Joel Avery [email protected] L-HW-5 4/10/07 14727 /F 12 Tenny Mickey GE’s Work-Out 1. This change process can be described as a planned change movement through organizational development. GE is trying to transform the organization from the status quo to a desired end state. Through interventions build on humanistic- democratic values that seeks to improve organizational effectiveness and employee well-being. GE demonstrates respond for people as everyone is treated with dignity and respect in an open floor. Trust and support is given to each member as everyone is seen as having an equal say and input on the situation. Problems are openly discussed rather than ignored, and everyone is actively assisting in the gathering of ideas to help the company progress to a desired end state. 2. This change process of organizational development should work because every members input is accounted for. The more ideas from all levels of management and employment you have the more diverse input you will receive. Companies,
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