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Joel Avery 9509759117 November 13, 2007 REL-140 Section #60042 Terrion Williamson Discovery Paper #1: Is It Responsible to Have A Dog in College? In this essay, I am going to describe an ethical dilemma that I have experienced. Then I will analyze the issue and argue for what I think would have been the best resolution to the problem. Here is what happened. About a week ago, my roommate’s friend brought his 12 week old husky puppy over to my house. He brought her over to see if we wanted to keep her, because he couldn’t keep a dog in his small carpeted apartment. Of course, our first reaction was yes, because we fell in love with the puppy. So after he left with the dog, the six of us living in our house discussed keeping it. Some of us were leaning towards yes, not clearly thinking through the ethical issues and responsibilities of having a dog, especially in college. A few days passed as we talked about it more and more. He also told us that with the dog, we would also get a free kennel cage, toys, food, bowls, and dog treats. We knew that we would either make the worst mistake by doing something extremely irresponsible, or we would be making a great decision and have a great time raising a dog. There are a lot of ramifications that need to be taken into account when raising a dog. They are the closest things to raising a baby. We knew that our house could handle it because we have wooden floors and a huge front lawn gated with grass. In the end, we decided to keep her. In doing so, we probably took a moral route that most would stay away from, but we did it anyways. I will describe the steps we took in deciding to keep the dog later in the paper. We have now had Roxy for 6 days now. The first couple of 1
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nights were hard because she cried a lot after changing homes for the fourth time now, but she has gotten much better. House training her has been difficult, and in fact a couple of my roommates seem to be annoyed by cleaning up after her. In college, you spend enough time cleaning up after yourself, let alone a dog. Today was the worst incident of all, far worse than her peeing in the house or keeping us up at night. She accidentally got outside of the gate and as we tried to catch her she ran into a moving car. She is fine right now, but it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen. She limped back into our yard and was badly shaken up. A couple of minutes later, she was up and running around all over again wagging her tail. Even
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Religion Essay #1 - Joel Avery 9509759117 REL-140...

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