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Quotes- Chapter 8 Accountability is the process of requiring students to demonstrate understanding of the topics they study by standardized tests, as well as holding educators at all levels responsibilities for students performance Participants in sports can reduce behavior problems and increase positive attitudes towards school. Curriculum experts conclude that texts and curriculum guides often contain twice as much material as is feasible for students to learn. My Reaction I don’t believe the whole concept of standardize testing is fair. One test
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Unformatted text preview: shouldn’t determine the amount of knowledge a student has. It also shouldn’t serve as a test to see whether or not the teacher is a good teacher of not. I deeply agree with this statement, I believe when students are involved with sports, they seemed to be more focused and determined. Also, they would have less free time to do nothing/ play video games. I agree, from my experiences, in high school, I don’t think I have ever completed a whole text book before, we always studied half. Partners Reaction...
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