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american work vs thailand work - Jacqueline Huynh College...

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Jacqueline Huynh College Comp 1 Ms. Schenk American Children’s Work Vs. Thailand Children’s Work American children have it just a bit easier than children in other countries. The jobs of most little children in America are just to go out, play, and be a kid. The hardest part of being an American child would probably have to be eating all of his or her vegetables. In other countries, like Thailand, that is not the case. The view and purpose of jobs for American teens and children are different than those of the children living in Thailand. Stam and Nong Pet, both eight year old girls from Thailand, are two of many Thai children who fight to provide for their families. They are part of Muay Thai, Thailand’s seven hundred year old martial arts. It is just like boxing but with out any type of protection, no mouth guards or head gears, and kicking is allowed. What would American parents expect of their eight year old child? When asked this, Kelly, a mother of an eight year-old, responded, “Clean up her toys, brush her hair and teeth, get to school on time, be on top of her school work, have fun and be a child.” Nothing too difficult is expected of an eight year-old child in America. In America, children at around the age of eight are in second grade learning how to add, subtract, and bits of geography. By law, American children are required to stay in school until the age
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american work vs thailand work - Jacqueline Huynh College...

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