Chapter 4 Education

Chapter 4 Education - eyes.” Today I think people in this...

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Chapter 4 Page 114- “Brad looks puzzled when he is asked how many siblings he has. He has problems answering this question and gets it wrong. His father has been married 4 times and Brad has multiple half siblings.” Page 120-“Socorro lives in an apartment with a TV in every room and has a mother working 2 jobs. Once off the phone, the mother proudly says ‘I let her do whatever she wants’. Her job leaves her no option: she is not home often. She wants to support her kids, but this means she is never home for them. Socorro has problems in school; she cannot read and is struggling. She frequently misses classes and her mother doesn’t seem to care.” Page 130 “Monitoring students in a playground you noticed a student say to another student ‘No, way. Absolutely not! I already told you can’t play with us’ now this child is isolated and playing alone for the remainder of the time with tears in her
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Unformatted text preview: eyes.” Today I think people in this country don’t take marriages seriously, and I think that’s very sad. In this case it’s a bit extreme. It’s not healthy and not good for the children. It’s sad that there are lots of situations like this all over the country. It’s obvious that the mother cares for her children since she works 2 jobs just to support them. But she doesn’t have time and probably the energy to get her child involved in school. It’s tough being a single mom working 2 jobs. I believe the mom is doing the best she can, but her best isn’t enough for her children I believe that there will always be bullying in schools. Children like to exclude others to make them and their group of friends feels more special. We as teachers or adults can teach the children that it’s wrong but I don’t think we can ever eliminate it....
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