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Chapter 2 Education - Keeping the children’s’ interest...

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CHAPTER 2 Page 41 “I know I have a lot to learn. I thought I could just explain everything to them but they got confused and drifted off so fast, I couldn’t believe it.” A new teacher tries to keep the children’s attention and teach them about the globe. And finds the way to keep their interest is to ask lots of questions Page 53 “I have never been so tiered in my life. You go in front of the kids all day and then you go home and work late into the night to prepare for tomorrow….everybody thinks they are an expert on teaching just because they’ve been a student. They don’t have a clue” Page 54 Antonio, a math teacher, works hard every day explain to the students about math and solving equations and then one day during class a struggling student burst out screaming “Hey I get this, it ain’t all that bad”. Another struggling student tells him “I use to really hate math, but now I’m looking forward to algebra”My reaction
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Unformatted text preview: Keeping the children’s’ interest and teaching them at the same time, I think, will be the one of the hardest parts about teaching. Especially little children, they can get distracted very easily if they are not interested in what the teacher is say or what they are learning. I thought teaching was going to be an easy job, I thought if I just knew the subject I was teaching then it should be smooth sailing. But after reading this I realized it is a lot of work, you do even more work even when classes have ended. Teachers still have to plan the next day’s lesson and they have to grade everyone’s papers. Teaching is a very time consuming job. This is one of the main reasons I want to go into teaching. I enjoy math a lot and I find it easy and I want to teach children and help them find it easy too. And just knowing you helped a child and hearing how excited they get when they finally understand, makes the job worth it.Other Reaction...
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