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Chapter 1 Education

Chapter 1 Education - teacher handled the situation very...

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Chapter 1 Page 11 Joanne “Joanne says loudly ‘everyone settle own this instant or there will be after school detention’” “if every day was like this I’m not sure if I could make it “ Page 13 “effective teachers plan carefully, but even this may not be enough. Planning for this child’s response was impossible.” Page 19. The story about Greg. Greg is a disruptive student in class and is out of control. One day you’ve had it with him and you say “Greg I’ve had it with you! You can’t keep your mouth closed for more than a minute, and you’re and embarrassment to yourself and the other students in class. I don’t want to hear another sound from you for the rest of this periodMy Reaction Sometimes teachers have to get rough and yell to gain control of the class. I think this
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Unformatted text preview: teacher handled the situation very well. I’m not sure I could ever yell at children, I like them too much and I would feel bad. This is an obstacle I would have to overcome if I want to be a teacher I believe this quote is very true. You can plan the day very well and to the very second, but you can never plan what the kids will do or say. Being a teacher means you have to be prepared to expect the unexpected sometimes, I’m good with these kinds of situation and I am a very fast thinker. Sometimes yelling does work, but I think teachers should be careful with what they yell. You can’t make anything personal, you could upset the child and he might tell his parents and get them involvedOther Reaction...
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