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Business Law II Spring, 2008 Discrimination in Employment I. Background. A. Applicable statutes. B. Trends in litigation. C. Prohibited conduct. II. Forms of discrimination. A. Sex discrimination. 1. Same-sex discrimination. 2. Quid pro quo cases. 3. Hostile environment cases. 4. Current major issues. B. Discrimination based on race or national origin. 1. Defining relevant suspect classifications. 2. What actions can constitute race discrimination. C. Religious discrimination. 1. Establishing a claim. 2. Employer rights. D. Age discrimination. E. Discrimination against the handicapped.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Relevant legislation. 2. Defining a disabled person. 3. What constitutes an impairment? 4. Understanding “reasonable accommodation” and “undue hardship.” III. Proving discrimination. A. Disparate treatment of a specific individual. B. A pattern or practice of discrimination. C. Disparate impact discrimination. IV. Defenses. A. Bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ). B. The statute of limitations. C. The issue of standing. V. Remedies. A. Damages. B. Mitigating damages. C. Additional remedies....
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