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Business Law II Spring, 2008 Debtor/Creditor Relations I. Introduction. II. Secured transactions. A. Introduction. B. Suretyship. 1. Nature and creation of suretyship. 2. Liability of a surety. 3. Defenses and discharge of a surety. C. Real property mortgages. 1. Characteristics of mortgages. 2. Default and foreclosure. D. Secured transactions in personal property. 1. Acquiring and perfecting a security interest.
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Unformatted text preview: a. Attachment. b. Perfection. 2. Priorities among conflicting security interests. 3. Default and foreclosure. III. Bankruptcy and reorganization. A. Introduction. B. Types of bankruptcy. 1. Chapter 7 Liquidation. 2. Chapter 11 reorganization. 3. Chapter 13 wage earner reorganization. 4. Chapter 12 family farm reorganization....
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321_debtor_creditor_outline_08 - a. Attachment. b....

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