Schubert - Schubert Nationality Austrian Works 1 Moments...

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Schubert: Nationality: Austrian Works: 1. Moments Musicaux 2. Impromptus Chopin: Nationality: Polish Works: 1. Waltz in D flat major (“Minute Waltz”) 2. Polonaise on A-flat Major Mendelssohn: Nationality: German Works: 1. Variations Serieuses in D Minor 2. Fantasia in F-sharp minor Schumann: Nationality: German Works: 1. Papillons 2. Carnaval Liszt: Nationality: Hungarian Works: 1. etudes d’execution transcedante 2. totentanz 2 Symphonic Poems: Liszt, Le Prelude Strauss, Don Quixote 5 Russian Composers: 1. Musorgsky 2. Rimsky 3. Berodin 4. Cesar Cui 5. Balakirev ___________________ Definitions: 1. Ballad: A ballad is a narrative poem , usually set to music; thus, it often is a story told in a song . Any myth form may be told as a ballad, such as historical accounts or fairy tales in verse form. It usually has foreshortened, alternating four-stress lines (" ballad meter ") and simple repeating rhymes , often with a refrain . If it is based on a political or religious theme, a ballad may be a hymn . It should not be confused with the ballade , a 14th and 15th century French verse form. It often has 19 stanzas and 9 syllables per line.
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2. Fantasy: An instrumental piece in which the imagination of the composer takes
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Schubert - Schubert Nationality Austrian Works 1 Moments...

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