Lab 1 - ECE 240-01 LABORATORY #1 Response of an RC Circuit...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE 240-01 LABORATORY #1 Response of an RC Circuit to a Square Wave January 18, 2008 Professor Hanson Jonathan Gold Lab Partner : Alex Perkins 1. Abstract This lab consisted of two parts; the first was in determining the correct function to yield a well defined sine-wave into MATLAB from the oscilloscope. The best function we found was savgwave from MATLAB. The other half of the lab was getting the time constant for an RC circuit and comparing their values. By the completion of this lab we were able to determine that the oscilloscope was a big reason for error in this lab, because of its maximum amount of possible voltage levels and because of the white noise it produces. For this reason, we determined that our experimental results had a 0.074% error, when compared to the theoretical values. 2. Procedure and Data After producing three different waveforms using the swave Command in MATLAB to get the Output from the Oscilloscope, we recorded the results. Figure 2.1 is the swave with normal display, Figure 2.2 is the swave with average display, and Figure 2.3 is the savgwave with normal display. The best graph is seen in Figure 2.2, which was when the oscilloscope averaged the 8 values. This is due to the fact that the graph in Figure 2.3, in which MATLAB averaged the ten voltages, allowing for some stretching of the graphs which caused the distortions to show through. Figure 2.1 was slightly distorted as there was only one set of given points, which allowed for some obscurity when shown on better resolution screen....
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Lab 1 - ECE 240-01 LABORATORY #1 Response of an RC Circuit...

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