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BICD 100 - Week 5 - BICD 100 Week 5 Handout: Meiosis,...

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BICD 100 Week 5 Handout: Meiosis, Linkage, Recombination This week’s handout incorporates some important material, and a lot of these topics will likely appear on Midterm 2. To best understand this week’s material, it helps to look over meiosis and try to get a solid mental picture of how chromosomes segregate during meiosis. Imagine two alleles of two different genes (A, a, B, b). How would these alleles separate during meiosis if the two genes are on different chromosomes? What about if the genes are on the same chromosome? What about if one of the genes is on the X chromosome? Think about different scenerios that can occur during meiosis and how the locations of the alleles on the chromosomes affects the outcome of the gametes produced. ** This will make it easier to understand linked gene and tetrad problems. Next Monday (Feb. 16) is a holiday, so there will be no class. However, I will hold extra office hours during my normal section times (9 – 11 a.m., outside of Solis), in case you want to go over any of the material in a more individualized setting. For my next section (Feb. 23), I would like to review material for Midterm 2. Let me know if you have any specific questions (esp. practice midterm problems), and I can go over the solutions to some of them in section. There will also be a review session with multiple TA’s before Midterm 2 (more information later…) Advice : • Look out for problems that stand out in Prof. Reinagel’s lectures! They are good candidates for being exam questions, in addition to the problems on the practice exams. - for example, at the end of the 1/29 lecture, Prof. Reinagel went over a non-disjunction problem. You should review your notes and/or the Podcast and understand how this problem was solved, because a similar problem may appear on Midterm 2* *disclaimer: I know nothing about what questions will actually be on the exams, so I am just making an educated guess here! I take no responsibility for any spurious advice… • There is a handout on the course website (under Required Reading folder) about tetrads. I highly recommend that you take a look at it, since the textbook lacks reading material about this topic. - Tetrad analysis was just introduced on Thursday’s (2/5) lecture. I will e-mail a handout about tetrads next week, after the material has been fully covered in lecture. • Today’s handout is meant to be a condensed review of the following topics: - Meiosis & Chromosome Theory of Inheritance - Linkage - 3 point cross **refer to your lecture notes for more detail on these topics**  Meiosis & Chromosome Theory of Inheritance
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Mendel did not know about “genes”, so he constructed his laws based solely on experimental results. However, with the subsequent advance in technology & science, we now know the physical structure of a gene and how it is inherited through mitosis and meiosis. In
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BICD 100 - Week 5 - BICD 100 Week 5 Handout: Meiosis,...

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