Farewell - This quarter semester we have dug our way into...

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This quarter semester, we have dug our way into two significant eras in time, the age of the Baroque and the age of Enlightenment. There were many changes and contradictions associated within the time, but something we may have not realized was the timeframe of the Scientific Revolution. The Scientific Revolution in history falls in between the time of the Baroque and Enlightenment, making it something worth considering; it’s even better since we go to a scientific school. In fact, the foundations aren’t even exclusively European, as it owed much to a long history of science and technology that reached back to ancient Egypt, China, India, and Islam. We usually correlate this revolution with natural science and technological change, but the scientific revolution was, in actuality, a series of changes in the structure of European notion. You can tell that artists and even ordinary people were viewing the world differently, just look at the works. First and foremost came the age of the Baroque which lasted approximately 150 years, from 1600-1750. This time in history was fueled by the human notion to master nature on an immense level. The emphasis of drama, theater, and spatial grandeur are all underlining characteristics of the age. Beginning around the same time, the Scientific Revolution was underway. This was the age where scientists started to study the position of Earth in the universe. Kepler’s planetary movements, Galileo’s telescope, and Newton’s Principia all made way for an eye-opening age. During the Baroque, the
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Farewell - This quarter semester we have dug our way into...

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