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Design of ductile walls Summary: 1- Analysis. 2- Calculate the design forces. 3- Determine the Plastic Hinge (P.H.) Region. 4- Design of base of wall for Flexure and Axial load: a) Preliminary choice of vertical reinforcement. b) Calculation of M r at the base of the wall. 5- Check ductility of wall. 6- Check wall thickness for stability. 7- Buckling Prevention for concentrated reinforcement. 8- Design of shear at the wall base. 9- Check sliding shear resistance at construction joints. Detailed Steps: 1- Analysis. 2- Design forces (Axial, Shear force and Bending Moment). 3- Determination of the plastic hinge region: As long as the wall cross section remain constant over the height, and the main flexural reinforcement is curtailed properly. Therefore, one P.H. will be formed near the base of wall with height of 1.5 w A
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