sa - As we have seen, the Italian Renaissance and the...

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As we have seen, the Italian Renaissance and the Northern Renaissance (Germany and England) produced different styles of art. Discuss some of these differences, illustrating your answer with at least one work to represent each style, and with a comparison of their subtexts (social, economic, and religious factors). Northern Renaissance art is by no means to be considered an addition to Italian Renaissance art. As in literature, Italian influence was strong, and some of the greatest of the northern artists were profoundly affected by their own trips to Italy. At the same time, the vigorous native traditions of northern art continued to find expression, so that the art of the northern Renaissance manifested a distinct synthesis of native and Italian elements. In fact, the traditions of the North had their own mutual influence on Italian art. In particular, the technique of painting in oil was widely adopted in Italy and elsewhere. In general, northern art continued to carry on the late medieval tradition of great attention to detail. The Italian influence helped to modify this emphasis in the direction of greater simplicity and less essential features to the main theme. Other contributions of the art of the North were a tendency toward realism and naturalism, great skill in portraiture, and an interest in landscape. Northern Renaissance art was a part of the splendor and vitality of the civilization of the Low
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sa - As we have seen, the Italian Renaissance and the...

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