L5R DandS - Demand Supply Lecture 5 Jennifer P Wissink 2009...

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http://www.arts.cornell.edu/econ/wissink/econ102jpw/ macroS09 Lec5-1 Lecture 5 Jennifer P. Wissink ©2009 John M. Abowd and Jennifer P. Wissink, all rights reserved. February 2, 2009 HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!
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macroS09 Lec5-2 Table of Contents for Case, Fair and Oster, Principles of Microeconomics, 9th edition (in case anyone needs this if using older or alternative texts) is posted on main Web page. MyEconLab Quiz Grade Policy: There are no extensions for MyEconLab graded quizzes. I will assign (at least) 450 points over the course of the semester through these graded quizzes. The MAGIC QUIZ NUMBER IS 380. Once you hit this magic number you have guaranteed yourself a 100% on the TA score part of the grand score calculation. So if you miss a quiz, or do badly on a quiz, or we notice that a quiz here or there has a bum answer, not to worry. What you are really after is the magic number by the time I do grades. Once you hit the magic number, you should still continue to take the quizzes - they are good practice and help you evaluate where you are and what you need to be working on, but they will not DIRECTLY add to your grand score. They will only indirectly add to your score since you will probably do better on the 2nd prelim and final if you keep taking the quizzes long after you get the magic number. If you start a quiz and have to stop, just logout WITHOUT submitting. Then you can go back to that "take" of the quiz and finish at a later time.
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L5R DandS - Demand Supply Lecture 5 Jennifer P Wissink 2009...

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