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Physics 201 Final Exam Spring 1999 Name:___________________________________ 1. The diagram below shows a block of mass M moving west with speed 5.0 m/s on a frictionless surface and a 55 gram bullet moving east with speed 35 m/s. The bullet will subsequently hit and pass through the block, emerging with a velocity of 31 m/s to the east. (a) If the block is then at rest, what is the value of M? (b) What average force did the block exert on the bullet if it took the bullet only 0.03 seconds to pass through the block? (a) M = 350 grams (b) F ave = 59 N west 2. A projectile is launched with an initial velocity of 14 m/s at an angle of 73 o above the horizontal. Consider air friction to be negligible and find (a) the time at which the projectile reaches its maximum altitude (b) the projectile's average velocity for its trip up to its maximum altitude. (a) 1.37 seconds (b) 7.8 m/s at 59 o above horizontal 3. The coefficient of kinetic friction for the block on the horizontal surface in the diagram below is 0.20. The block is moving to the right and a high pressure stream of air is exerting the force F on the block to help slow it down. Given the data below,
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Physics_201_Final_Exam__Spring_1999_with_answers - Physics...

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