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Work and Energy Sample Test Problems with Answers 1. The diagram shows a block of mass M = 3.00 kg that is attached to the linear spring of force constant k= 200.0 N/ m.  In the situation shown the  spring has been stretched  25.0 centimeters from its no- load equilibrium length and  the mass is held at rest by the  cord.  The cord breaks and  the block slides 32.0  centimeters up the ramp  before stopping  instantaneously.  What is the  coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the ramp? Answer: 0.29 2. A block of ice of mass 250 kg is sliding on a humpbacked glacier as shown in the diagram.  What must be the  speed of the block at point A if the normal force on it when it slides past point B is 4500 newtons?  The glacier's ice is 
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Unformatted text preview: frictionless and point B is at the bottom of a circular arc of radius 75.0 meters. Answer: v = 21.4 m/s 20 o spring M cord horizontal v A B 1 2 .0 m 4.0 0 m 1 0 m 75 m horizontal 3. A 175-kg burrowing bomb is dropped from rest (from a hovering helicopter) from an altitude of 256 meters straight down to the ground. Air drag is negligible. The bomb penetrates 7.50 meters into the ground before stopping (It then is supposed to explode.). What average force did the ground exert on the bomb while it was burrowing? Answer: 6.03x10 4 N...
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Work_and_Energy_Test_Problems_with_answers - frictionless...

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