8 - GREEK MYTHS 2 terms to explain whats going on...

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9/8/08 GREEK MYTHS 2 terms to explain what’s going on: Diachronic- through time Synchronic- altogether Diachronic for Permetheus Today Synchronic 2 main sources- apollodorus and hygenous Not so authoritative- why use them? No list that has all of them- we are trying to make thematic category- looking at what happened over centuries Not concerned with authors today- only with Homer and early authors Zeus So Far What his role in the universe was Guarantor of Justice- Archaic authors Almost all-powerful- archillicus and aescholus Couldn’t save son when he wanted to Father figure- Sarpedon in Homer Avenger- Salmoneus played with bolts, made Zeus angry Zeus’ “Loves” Just talking about affairs- has a lot of sex, a lot of children (151) Mated with divinities- producing abstract notions of justice, contributing to orders of the world Also seduces mortal women- How to study for this- do you know the affairs we study in class? Can you remember what happened with each of the women? Greek culture- when he has an affair- words used don’t make distinction between seduction and rape- Argument whether rape or seduction Blurry whether women enjoy the sex Have to understand pattern of affairs Happy ending after rape- may marry rapist? Affair by Affair 1. Zeus and Io Argos- powerful historically Io= daughter of King Inachos of Argos Zeus only likes royal women Hera knows exactly what Zeus is like Comes down during affair, Zeus changes Io into a cow Hera asks for cow as a gift
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8 - GREEK MYTHS 2 terms to explain whats going on...

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