10 - 9/10 CLAS 150 Children of Cronus cont Finished Zeus...

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9/10 CLAS 150 Children of Cronus cont. Finished Zeus Poseidon - Neputne similar to Zeus because affairs with women show similar pattern Affairs cont. Melanipe- Seduction- gets blinded, 2 sons She gets married off to Metapontus- gets same kind of reward that Zeus’ women got Alope- seduced, imprisoned, but gets geographical naming (spring) named after her Theophane- has suitors- she is turned into a sheep, shows transformation element, sleeps with her while she is sheep and he is ram- produces ram child with golden fleece- not necessarily happy ending- Theophane stays sheep forever Poseidon like Zeus produces heroes- similarity Also similarity in terms of revenge- Andromeda brags about her childrens’ beauty, because of this, Poseidon chains her to a rock Pictures: looking for trident (3 pronged spears), not always in the ocean Amphitrite woman with her Full beard, chariot, fish sometimes Poseidon chasing after women Hades/Pluto =“Unseen” realm- the undead- underground portrayal Assaults some women, same thing as Zeus and Poseidon- does it with only one though- Persephone Can really see that they do act the same way Not many accessories- crown, 3-headed dog (Carburets) Sleeping around with unmarried women is unacceptable In this way do not see the gods as moral exemplars However does embody cultural ideal of producing lots of children, just empty moral to it Hera/Juno Zeus’ wife, sister, and equal (Homer) Homer book 16- interesting that this was said about Hera (patriarchal society) She does convince Zeus not to save Sarpedon, so that’s a big deal Goddess of Marriage
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10 - 9/10 CLAS 150 Children of Cronus cont Finished Zeus...

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