17 - Apollo cotd coros=young man, masculine equivalent of...

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Apollo cot’d “coros”=young man, masculine equivalent of Persephone Activities Apollo presides over are real Greek activities Hunting, wrestling, nudity (ass. With wresting) Homosocial activities- associated with young men Elite activities- well off young men Eastern associations- areas named after him are Eastern (Turkey…) Artemis Stories- many different versions of stories Actaeon Comes onto her while she’s bathing- naked- not often naked (chaste) Spying on her naked is not allowed Question is whether intentional or accidental Artemis changes him into a stag- killed by her own hounds *Shows that she is very destructive too, like Apollo Known for bows and arrows too Orion- giant hunter, member of Artemis’s entourage, she considers marrying her Not consistent between versions v.1: Huberis- Challenges her to a discus contest, or tries to rape her v. 2: Apollo tricks her into shooting him bc she likes him so much She asks that he be remembered by putting him up into the sky Callisto- Zeus tricked Callisto, Artemis’s gang member- she becomes pregnant- she didn’t realize this until later Turns her into bear when finds out Arkis born, grows up as hunter, tries to shoot mother who is a bear Big bear and little bear constellations Ritual called “Brauroneia”- in this ritual, have young girls- initiation rite- one of the things they do is put on bear skins- dress up as bears Myth may tie into this ceremony Idea of initiation- Artemis is weird because doesn’t represent womanly acts Can think of her as reversal of women on purpose because often phase of
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17 - Apollo cotd coros=young man, masculine equivalent of...

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