15 - 10/15 Test moved to Halloween Weve talked about 2...

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10/15 Test moved to Halloween We’ve talked about 2 kinds of Homeric heroes Hero pattern- going back to idea of larger interpretation Theorists who tried to make a formula for what makes a “hero” Van Gennep - 3 part ritual initiation: 1. Withdrawal/seperation 2. Liminal-transition-transformation (reversal) 3. Return- they have become initiated Anthropology- This isn’t specific to heroes Propp - Literature theorist- Talked about “Function”- took a bunch of European folktales and looked for elements that repeated over and over- 31 elements He names different character types- hero, helper, villain Think about Disney- character types that repeat over and over Joseph Cambell - merged these 2 theories- took the “liminal” part of VG, turned it into quest Seperated from home, goes on quest, then returns home This tells us about human psychology Transformation during his quest is significant for humans Idea of being bale to interpret these stories as more than just stories Non-Homeric Heroes- focus on a region in Greece which is the “Argolis”=Argos+Tyris Io- turned into cow, starting in North Africa, moved up to Greece- we’re talking about her descendents Grandsons: Danaus, Argyptus- considered part of geneology of region Start in Northern Egypt but come back to Argolid
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15 - 10/15 Test moved to Halloween Weve talked about 2...

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