24 - 10/24 Its through the Heraclids that we get strong...

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10/24 It’s through the Heraclids that we get strong influence between Heracles and Pelapenese They say “our ancestor is Heracles therefore we have the right to land…” Deineira giving Heracles dipped cloak Heracles more than any hero is open to more symbolic interpretation Metaphors and stuff He’s clearly not someone to emulate, but a way to get extreme contradictary elements Positive attributes- helps people, destroys anti-social elements, founds cities Negatives though- superhuman appetites- not good, want happy medium Gets in trouble because of this (lack of control) Throughout his life until he dies, lack of control over himself Nature vs. Culture: Heracles relieving himself publicly HERACLES AS A HERO BY DEFINITION (SUPERHUMAN), BUT CERTAINLY NOT ADMIRABLE Theseus Athenean hero King Aigeus, king of Athens- childless, so consults oracle from Delphi Gets weird thing about “loose not the wineskin”, saying he shouldn’t have sex until he’s ready, but he will have a child next time He doesn’t get it though Aigeus tells Pittheus of this, he gets it so tells his daughter to sleep with Aigeus because then he’ll have royal daughter Poseidon also the father? If son is boy, raise it, but if girl, expose it He leaves his own sword and sandals under rock for babies to get to eventually Recognition of birthright etc. Digression---Affairs in Crete Lots of back and forth between Athens and Crete Europa’s son- Minos King Minos, king of Crete- married to Pasiphae Children=Phaedra, Ariadne, Androgeus Minos- trouble being king, asks help from Poseidon- asks for bull out of sea Poseidon sends bull out of sea, Minos promises sacrifice of bull, but doesn’t End of story- Pasiphae cursed to fall madly in love with a bull
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24 - 10/24 Its through the Heraclids that we get strong...

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