3 - 11/3/08 Chart #17- helpful Part III- humans- people who...

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11/3/08 Chart #17- helpful Part III- humans- people who are extraordinary but not heroic Patterns, but not as successful as heroes Humans, not heroes in the traditional sense Tragedy- Athenians watching these things happening Agamemnon- House of Atrius- old fashioned name- Atrius is in the middle of this family- 5 generations of problems- what tends to happen is families start problem and it keeps feeding itself- genetic problem Conflict between fate and human will- some things happening not really their fault but some are- some choices that land family in bad place Tantalus- GEN 1 some sense that we’re in time period where humans and immortals lived together On good terms with Zeus He’s feasting with the gods Hyg. Gives us 2 separate reasons why he got in trouble 1. he told the secrets of the gods- took advantage of priveledge 2. he actually tries to feed Zeus human flesh- does it with own son, Pelops a. this is not good behavior, loses him favor with Zeus b. Demeter accidentally eats Pelops- resurrected by gods, replaced with shoulder of ivory So Tantalus is punished in the underworld- weird because punishment usually takes place during life Original sin- standing at edge of pond, whenever he bends over for water, water recedes Because crime was in food environment, punishment is ever-receding water and food To “tantalize” Are succeeding generations doomed to repeat this? Pelops- GEN 2 Different area from 1 st story King Oenomaus has daughter, Hippodamia Oracle that his son will kill him Decides to host a contest- whoever wants to marry Hipp. Must defeat king in a chariot race, but must swear to death if lose Oen. Really trying to not get daughter married Pelops agrees to die if loses, but tricks Bribes king’s charioteer, Myrtilus to lose race Myrtilus loosens wheels, chariot falls apart, Oenomaus dies
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3 - 11/3/08 Chart #17- helpful Part III- humans- people who...

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