5 - 11/5 Focus on trilogy Book 1 Agamemnon Characterization...

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11/5 Focus on trilogy Book 1: Agamemnon Characterization- In hero myths don’t get sense of them as people When putting tragedies on stage, get more of a personality Characters: Agamemnon- stuck up, stood his ground (w/Achilles) Quick to commit hubris- walks on purple carpet Purple die very expensive in ancient world Cly. Puts these together, tells Ag to walk on He first says doesn’t want to but then does Glorying in the destruction of Troy He takes pride in obliterating Troy Clytemnestra- treacherous- women not to be trusted Clytemnestra says she has the right to kill Ag because he killed her daughter Iphigenia Someone who’s monstrous- not supposed to act like man as a woman Chorus- Argives (old people left behind from war) Aegysthus- less manly than he should be because he’s obeying Cly Wants to kill Chorus Installed as king at death of Agamemnon Herald Cassandra- Agamemnon brings Cassandra with him Brings her as concubine, spoils of war Clytemnestra doesn’t hurt her at first Cassandra doesn’t speak- scared/doesn’t know language She warns Agamemnon about how he is going to die Recites Tantalus story Her role is that nobody believes her- so naturally se it again Competing claims on what is just Described as sacrifice, for what Clyn. Did to Ag. To avenge for his sacrifice of
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5 - 11/5 Focus on trilogy Book 1 Agamemnon Characterization...

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