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Unformatted text preview: s preferable t o change Envir onmental blocks : distractions, lack of cooperation, bad boss, lack of suppor t to nur ture ideas I nte Build on ideas; Welcm wild ideas; Gather diverse t eam; Facilit ator; Keep peeps involved : Preparation I ncubation I llumination Ver ification ge: What is required to make product work Extraction Mat er ials processing Product ion Distr ibution motivations, values, identify relevant par ts of ethical codes o the dilemma ourse of action on ct of implementation g I ntuitive ― (obser ve) Ver bal ― (obser ve) Reflective ― (ref lection, ar ticulation) Sequential ― (All ORA processes) public hful manner ust ees and lawfully so as t o enhance the honor, reputation and usefulness of the profession sonal mgnt skills necessar y t o become self-r eliant pr ofessionals that suppor t lear ning and become lifelong skills studies are required to gain the knowledge and skills necessar y t o practice a profession itself, most clearly seen through licensure and the development and enforcement of ethical codes...
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