3 - 12/3 In the middle of Vergils underworld- evolution...

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12/3 In the middle of Vergil’s underworld- evolution through different authors Vergil deliberately imitating Homer Goes to underworld to imitate Odysseus Has expanded geography, given us limbo Aenas doesn’t actually go into Tartarus- sees that ordinary people are punished here Forks right, goes into blessed groves- has its own sun Poets go here too He finds his own father, who develops theory of reincarnation- souls that are very good will come back into earth- reincarnation is not standard- certain authors pick up on it He’s expanded everything- incorporated everything into it- lots of areas, punishments- much bigger chance in this underworld of getting punished- specific laid out punishments for specific actions Plato didn’t worry about money, but worried about tyrants- Romans worried of money though Dante draws from Vergil when talking about his underworld Big picture version that’s not so specific Dutch painter’s underworld- shows the vast size Review of underworld: Hades is Zeus’ equal- gets developed a lot King=Hades/Pluto- also called Dis (not sure where it comes from) Hades and Dis also used in geography, so confusing Queen=Persephone Judges=Minos, Rhadamanthys, and Aeacus- judge wrongdoings of people The Furies- cosmic function to punish Watchdog=Cerberus Ferryman=Charon Geography *The Regions=*Tartarus- this is wear bad people go Hesiod only thinks titans go here *Elysium/Elysian Fields/Isles of the Blessed/Blessed Groves/Fields of Asphodel- idea that good people go here *Limbo- neither good nor bad- only in Vergil’s version *Undefined region before you cross the river- waiting area has no name- not a happy place to be *The Rivers- 5 rivers of the underworld Styx- “Hatred”- Stygian Acheron- main river- “sorrow” Cocylus- “wailing” Phlegethon- “burning” Lethe- “Forgetfulness”
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3 - 12/3 In the middle of Vergils underworld- evolution...

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