8 - Lucretious bashes greek myths says we need philosophy...

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Lucretious?- bashes greek myths- says we need philosophy, but still doesn’t reject gods outright Other Approaches Babrius- no position on existence of god, but humans rely too much on them, do too much when they are doing nothing Adaptation- giving myths a moral- not exactly what they were designed for (Homer’s myths have horrible actions) Myths as instructions School of Christians to get rid of pagan literature, but what saves the literature is idea that you actually can take stuff away from it Plato’s Approach- Republic 2 Says Homer and Hesiod are false- strong statement Gods acting in unacceptable ways Solution- censorship- we won’t allow these stories in cities because stories are not pious or advantageous to the people Advocates censoring myths that aren’t good, but creating myths that are Myth of Er- underworld- his creation specifically to teach Zeus and Prometheus in same myth- both necessary So Plato innovates, creates, and adapts myth Became a facist- censorship, writes down laws for society He doesn’t stick with these ideas the whole time In his own version of society he gets pretty stern (nobody under 35 can listen to love poetry!) Heraclitus- allegory Root of allegory- alla agorein- to say one thing and mean another Political waters that are stormy- a storm is brewing “filly”=girl Allegory allows us to completely interpret myth Ares, Athena, Aphrodite=human emotions (war, intellect, lust) Poseidon, Apollo- natural forces (sea and sun) Aphrodite and Ares marriage=metalworking
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8 - Lucretious bashes greek myths says we need philosophy...

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