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Jeremy Streett MIS 204 Section 2 Yvonne Greenwood January 30, 2008 Analysis Exercise 1. A. Word Processing: I feel that I am fairly good at word processing. I can type about 80-90 words a minute. For creating some things like resumes or cover letters, I do use styles to manage my document's format. However, I have never set up a mail merge template or added branching or looping logic. B. Spreadsheet: Spreadsheets are somewhat familiar to me, but I am not as good with them as I am using a word processing program. The order of operations in Excel for math problems would be the same as the order of operations used in math. For example, =5*2^2-10 would equal 10. I also know how to automatically sort data, or create graphs
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Unformatted text preview: and charts within the spreadsheet. That is about as far as my knowledge with spreadsheets goes however. C. Presentations: I have used PowerPoint and Adobe Flash to create presentation outlines. I have added things such as sound and animation to the presentations as well. I do not know how to add graphs and charts from a spreadsheet to a presentation outline so that it will update when the spreadsheet is changed though. D. Database: In highschool when I had a Computer Science 2 class, we learned how to import data into a database from a text file, but I do not remember how to exactly. That is pretty much all I know how to do with databases....
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