derain - Book: Derain by Diehl P, 1977. Diehl, Gaston....

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Book: Derain by Diehl Diehl, Gaston. Derain . Naefels: Bonfini P, 1977. Birth and Death o Born June 10 th , 1880. (pg8) o Died as the result of a motor accident on September 8 th , 1954. (pg5) Birthplace o Born in Chatou, France. (pg 8) Sketch of their upbringing and family o His father was a pastry cook and town councilor. (pg8) Education o Derain received a solid middle-class education at the Institute Saint Croix at Le Vesinet. (pg8) o He left Chaptal School without matriculating because the results of his efforts at school did not come up to expectation. (pg8) o He abandoned his studies in preparation for the Ecole des Beaux Arts and gave himself up whole-heartedly to an irresistible desire to paint. (pg8) o In 1898 he entered the Carrière Studio run by Camillo in the rue de Rennes. (pg8) Influences o Maurice de Vlaminck After meeting Vlaminck, he rented an old building in Chatou near “Chez Fournaise,” a rendez-vous for the Impressionists. (pg8) o Henri Matisse o Cézanne (Cubism): Matisse got Derain to try out Cézanne’s cubism. o Vincent Van Gogh Life
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o Derain served in the military from September 1901 until September 1904. (pg14) Transitions o The Autumn Salon of 1905 proclaimed the existence of a new pictorial tradition later to go down to posterity as Fauvism. (pg33) o Derain was quoted saying “For us, Fauvism was a trial by fire. Colours became cartridges filled with dynamite to be exploded through contact with light.” (pg33) Citizenship o French Wikipedia "André Derain." Wikipedia . 8 Nov. 2008. Wikipedia Foundation. 23 Nov. 2008 <>.
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derain - Book: Derain by Diehl P, 1977. Diehl, Gaston....

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