In response to chapter 7 and will

In response to chapter 7 and will - In response to DeAnnas...

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In response to DeAnna’s post, I agree with the statement that Stein’s character seems to have changed by chapter 7. While DeAnna feels that Stein may be depicted as always on the go, I felt that Stein described how her life has finally begun to settle down after World War I. Her career has also begun to take off as well. Publishers were no longer having any discrepancies with publishing her works, and, to get even more of her writings published Toklas decided to publish Stein herself. Because of this, Stein and Toklas’ relationship is no longer strictly intimate but professional as well. Throughout the whole story Toklas was portrayed as the ‘wife’ of the relationship and Stein, the ‘husband.’ Frustrated by Stein's inability to print several of her works, Toklas offers to print editions herself. She found that she enjoyed working outside of the home, and that she was good at it. Interestingly, however, Stein- the 'husband'- has the final word, for after outlining Toklas' achievements as a bookmaker, she negates this by asserting her own voice at last, letting the reader know that it was Stein- not Toklas- who was narrating the tale all along, even though the readers already knew this. I also agree with DeAnna’s statement that Stein and Toklas still seem to be forming many new relationships post-WWI. Stein’s ability to drop innumerous names held strong. She helped Hemingway become more successful, edited other author's work, and began translating her work to widen her audience (which was advice given to her by the Duchess of Clermont-Tonnerve). DeAnna hit the nail on the head when she mentioned the fact that Stein struggled to prove that “modern art is not only for men.” Stein's work offers a criticism of the position of women and the domestic role that they are expected to play in a relationship. Because Stein felt it was sexist for so long, she almost refused to give a lecture at Cambridge University. Cambridge and Oxford Universities are two of the oldest universities in the world, located in England and have been
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In response to chapter 7 and will - In response to DeAnnas...

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