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paper promt for essay number 4

paper promt for essay number 4 - Sosostris she picks a card...

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Jared Hartzman 10/24/08 Paper Prompt for Essay # 4 Prompt # 1 The poetic device Eliot used that I plan on discussing is motif with the Phoenician sailor Phlebas. In “Death by Water” Phlebas the Phoenician died, presumably by drowning. His flesh and bones were being picked at by the creatures of the sea. Although it seems that not much else of significance is brought to the poem by this section, this section actually seems to tie The Wasteland together. In “The Burial of the Dead,” when the speaker goes to see Madame
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Unformatted text preview: Sosostris, she picks a card and says” [Here] / Is your card, the drowned Phoenician Sailor, / (Those are the pearls that were his eyes. Look!)” (lines 46-48). In the next stanza she tells the speaker to “Fear death by water” (line 55). This connects “The Burial of the Dead” with “Death by Water.” On top of this, in “A Game of Chess” the speaker says he remembers that “Those are the pearls that were his eye” (line 125). This refers back to the Phoenician Sailor, Phlebas, yet again....
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