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Response to fish and bloom essays

Response to fish and bloom essays - Jared Hartzman Cecily...

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Jared Hartzman 09/07/08 Cecily Swanson Literary Collaboration Response to Fish and Bloom The essay “The Anxiety of Influence,” by Harold Bloom, poetic influence is discussed in detail. According to Bloom, all poets are either consciously or unconsciously influenced by their precursor. Poetic influence does not however make the new work unoriginal. By trying to avoid being influenced by their precursor, poetry will gradually die. The quest to rebel against the consciousness of death’s necessity leads to the inevitable diminishment of poetry. The way to succeed as a poet is to read a precursor’s poem and attempt one of the six revisionary ratios. In chapter 8 of his essay, “Interpreting the Variorum,” Stanley Fish discusses interpretive communities and strategies. According to Fish, the same reader will “perform differently when reading two “different” texts and different readers will perform similarly when reading the “same” text.” Readers do not have to use the same interpretive strategies when faced with the
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