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the nature of collaboration

the nature of collaboration - Jared Hartzman Cecily Swanson...

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Jared Hartzman Essay Number 3 10/05/08 Cecily Swanson Literary Collaboration The Nature of Collaboration (Prompt 1) Paule de Brindes, a young French woman from Henry James' "Collaboration" leaves the reader, at the end of the story, wondering about the effects of collaboration. By playing a composition of Herman Heidenmauer's without having ever met him, the narrator believes that she must be anticipating an opera in the midst of being created. This opera, however, is a work of collaboration of the most extraordinary kind, a partnership between a Frenchman and a German just over twenty years after the Franco-Prussian War. The ending is significant because Paule de Brindes infatuation with Heidenmauer’s music reveals several things about the nature of collaboration in this story. Most people, after having read this short story, would most likely think nothing of this ending. Why should it be strange that Paule de Brindes enjoys playing a piece of music written by Herman Heidenmauer? The most obvious reason is because this goes against everything her mother had been saying throughout the work. Heidenmauer is a German and should not be trusted. Paule de Brinde had also never met Heidenmauer, so what was she doing with one of his compositions? The narrator, a dandy, believed that this must show that Paule de Brinde was in anticipation of the opera being created by Heidenmauer and Vendemer.
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Her infatuation with Heidenmauer’s music also reveals several aspects of the nature of collaboration. Vendemer and Paule de Brindes were at one point to be married.
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the nature of collaboration - Jared Hartzman Cecily Swanson...

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