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Jared Hartzman Airport Security Briefing Currently, the passenger screening process involves flagging individuals on flight- screening lists compiled by airlines, people exhibiting odd behavior, and persons selected at random, adding another security element to the existing metal detector. This however may only deter criminals and terrorists. Increased technology can will lead to more secure airports. Even though more research and development needs to be done in regards to the technology needed for improved airport security, there are presently several technologies available which, if implemented, can greatly improve the security of our airports. Some such technologies are Backscatter X-rays, the Z-Backscatter, a Millimeter Wave Device, Puffers, Radio Frequency ID tags, Missile Jammers, the Collision Avoidance System, the Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System, and Biometrics. Backscatter X-rays are used to perform a full body scan in search of abnormalities. It’s fast and is able to detect anything from blades to drugs. While this technology seems to be extremely effective it poses a privacy problem, the scanners see through clothing.
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airport security briefing - Jared Hartzman Airport Security...

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