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Unformatted text preview: Fast Food The Unhealthy Choice By: Jeremy Streett Facts 300,000 different fast food restaurants in the United States Average American eats three burgers a week 81% of Americans consume junk food while driving In 1991, one in eight Americans were obese. In 1999, the number increased to one in five. Obesity levels are sky-rocketing despite the fact that $33 billion a year is spent on weightloss aids. The Ingredients Hard to find anything under 300 calories Most meals range in the 800-1300 calorie range About half the calories are fat Besides salads, almost none of the food has more than 1-2 daily vitamins The Ingredients (cont'd) Almost all the food contains high fat and sugar contents Artificial Chemical flavoring Large serving sizes McDonald's "Nutrition" Table Employees of Fast Food The employees of fast food companies are most often teenagers Often do not care about their job/customer Work long shifts and tend to slip up Visual Deception Wendy's Classic Double Cheeseburger! McDonalds BigMac! Carl's Jr. Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger! Burger King's Whopper! Child-Based Propaganda Fast food companies spend millions every year advertising their food to children Play places and toys included with meals influence kids to beg their parents to go Studies show that if a child eats at a certain fast food restaurant often enough as a kid, he will continue to eat there Quote "We take Joe Camel off the billboard because it is marketing bad products to our children, but Ronald McDonald is considered cute. How different are they in their impact, in what they're trying to get kids to do?" --Kelly Brownell Yale University What Poor Diet Leads to Obesity kills approximately 280,000 Americans yearly Heart disease because of poor diet is the second leading cause of death (second only to smoking) Potential of food-borne illness Sources The Super-sizing of America: Are Fast Food Chains to Blame for the Nation's Obesity?: Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser ...
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