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Lecture 2-26-09

Lecture 2-26-09 - • Bought out other patents to widen...

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Lecture 2/26/09 Federally Funded R&D: $21.5 billion. o NIH receives $10.4 billion of this. ~ 33% over 2008 o NSF (national science foundation) receives an additional $3 billion. 50% increase o DOE is getting $4.1 billion. o NASA is receiving $1.0 billion. “What’s In A Patent” o This firm used intellectual property to create a de facto monopoly. o Whig view: look back and see steady progress in science and technology: 1600 1700 1800 1900 2000 o Social Constructionists look at the conditions as they were, see many possibilities, and one line is chosen. o Method to find oil: Using electrical currents. Both oil and granite resist electricity. You want porous areas that are resistant to electricity. This meant oil. o Schlumberger case:
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Patent to go into well holes to discover oil. Halliburton argued his technologies were different, which led to a patent infringement case. Patent Strategy:
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Unformatted text preview: • Bought out other patents to widen their range. • Published work to build up their scientific status. (published what was in the patent) • Brought their work to the U.S. where they thought they had a better chance of winning a intellectual property trial against their competitors. 2 arguments: • Was the patent novel and different? • Schlumberger says it is novel but it’s not different with respect to what Halliburton is doing because he is infringing on Schlumberger’s patent. • Halliburton argued it is not novel and that it is different. 1. Secret Atomic Patents: a. Ideas on atomic weapons are born-classified. i. E.g. if you write a paper with new ideas about it then you may find that it has been classified and you can never access you paper again. b. Use of the coercive power of the government....
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Lecture 2-26-09 - • Bought out other patents to widen...

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