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Unformatted text preview: Jared Hartzman 2/25/09 Professor Reppy Science in the American Polity Short Assignment #3 Conrad Schlumberger was a man who started out in the business of searching for deposits of metals and oil using a technique which ran a current between two points on the surface of the earth, chart the electrical field that was generated, and use a variety of mathematical tools and graphs to interpret that chart. Schlumberger decided to use this technique in well holes as they were being dug and this showed to be extremely effective. Halliburton believed that Schlumberger’s patents did not describe the technical object used in the field, which had been modified to meet local conditions. In order to give himself a better standing in the United States, Schlumberger went to Washington to offer to do some relatively uneconomic work for the Geological Survey which would necessarily mean that his work would be published. He knew there would be plenty of competition so by getting his work published and giving himself a be published....
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