essay 6 - Third World Countries and Developing the Poor A...

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Third World Countries and Developing the Poor A third world country has a low Human Development Index (HDI) and an independent political status (Third World 1). In a third world country, it is hard for the government to expand and develop into a thriving political system like the US or many European countries. Douala, a city of 2 million people, has no real roads (Cameroon 1-3). Douala has been nicknamed the "armpit of Africa." It is a city in southwestern Cameroon that is a horrible place to live somewhat because of the humidity and stench. A typical street in Douala is packed with street vendors and people standing around doing nothing. These third world countries are facing hardships that normal material goods cannot satisfy (Suzuki and Dressel 271). There is a need for countries that are politically and economical sound to step in and help these countries develop by giving them structure in their economy. There are many cities and countries that are experiencing the same hardships as Douala. Wealth in a country can come from a combination of man-made, human, and technological resources. “Wealth has to be tangible for humans to want it and pay for it over any length of time” (Suzuki and Dressel 271). Obviously, a poor country can turn into a rich country by investing money in resources and by improving education and technology programs. But, how are they able to invest if there is no income from the natural resources that the country already posses. To aid the third world in development is for structured countries to enforce ideas of boobs and morals onto the less developed
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essay 6 - Third World Countries and Developing the Poor A...

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