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Paper prompts for Paper Three Swanson/ “Hooking up: Literary Collaboration” 1. At the end of Henry James’ “Collaboration,” the narrator asks, “But what is [Paule de Brindes] doing, under the singular circumstances, with a composition of Herman Heidenmauer’s? She never met him, she never heard him play, but that once. It will be a pretty complication if it shall appear that the young German genius made on that occasion more than one intense impression…I hadn’t fully perceived how deeply susceptible she is to music. She must have a strange confusion of feelings – a dim, haunting trouble, with a kind of ache of impatience for the wonderful opera somewhere in the depths of it. Don’t we live fast, after all, and doesn’t the old order change? Don’t say art isn’t mighty! I shall give you some more illustrations of it yet” (144). What is the significance of this ending? What does Paule de Brindes’ infatuation with Heidenmauer’s music reveal about the nature of collaboration in this story? How does it expand or explain your understanding of the
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